Vanajanlinna’s dining hall

Premium flavours


For ages, Vanajanlinna has regaled its guest with delicacies and locally produced ingredients through perfected culinary skills. The beautiful castle setting can be transformed from a lunch meeting to an intimate dinner environment. Let us plan and craft your personalised culinary experience: what does your palate desire?

Club restaurant

The core of the culinary philosophy of our award-winning club restaurant is to understand the preferences of our golf and hotel guests. We are also looking to provide our guests with surprises and experiences. Taste is created with clean, quality raw ingredients, which is why our restaurant always sources the best ingredients from local producers. We welcome you to enjoy a delightful meal!

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Vanajanlinna restaurant

Hotel Vanajanlinna's cornerstones are its excellent kitchen and carefully selected wines. The food philosophy at Vanajanlinna is based on a combination, where modern Scandinavian and classical French cuisine are slightly touched up with the simplistic beauty of Italian cooking.

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