Linna Golf fairway

Course maintenance

Linna Golf's course and greenery maintenance

Linna Golf's Course Manager is Markku Leskinen, whose experience in golf course maintenance exceeds four decades. The award-winning work of the Course Manager and his excellent team is not only based on exceptional experience and expertise, but dedication in caring for the smallest of details on both the course as well as practice areas.

We at Linna Golf emphasise the overall experience, which is created through care in minute details in every aspect of our service. This is why Linna Golf's greenery is maintained by a gardener, who is in charge of landscaping, and most of all the aesthetics of the golf club and its premises.

Linna Golf course grass species

Linna Golf course was the first in Finland to introduce the Penn A4 for the putting green.

The species is perennial member of the Agrostis stolonifera bentgrass family. A4 was developed specifically for putting greens: the grass can be cut very short (under 2 mm) due to its aggressive growth habit, but the A4 still provides a smooth and fast putting surface.

The normal cutting height of Linna Golf's putting greens are typically cut to a length of 1,6 mm with a stimp rating of 9 to 11 feet, which is comparable to the fast greens of European Tour competitions.

The fairways of Linna Golf feature Kentucky bluegrass, which, like the A4, is a perennial grass. The normal cutting height of the fairways is around. 8 to 10mm during the season.

Course Manager
Markku Leskinen

Jutta Koivu