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Training services, Pego Golf School

Beat the Pro
Linna Golf's pro golfer takes on the field on one par 3 hole, playing the whole from beginning to end with each group. If the competition manages to beat the pro, they will receive a special award. Linna Golf pros Toni Karjalainen and Juha-Pekka Peltomäki have extensive experience in competitive golf and can present a challenge for your guests.
Price €15/competitor. Minimum charge €300 (not including VAT)

Trackman analysis
Linna Golf pros use Trackman, the world leader in golf swing analysis, in their work. The pros save the swing of each players on one hole, sending individual analyses to the players after the competition. This provides the players the most accurate data possible on their swing and areas where they have room for improvement.
Price €15/competitor. Minimum charge €300 (not including VAT)

Green Card -Express
Invite guests that are new to the game and offer them Green Cards. While your more experienced guests are navigating the course, Linna Golf pros can run a Green Card course for new players. The one-day program is designed to allow new players to join the breakfast and the final meal with other players on the day of the competition. And in between, they will be completing their Green Card training. This way you can invite these players to join your competition next time.
Price €110/person. Minimum charge €300 (not including VAT)

Golf demo
Golf demo is meant as an introduction into golf. The training, which typically takes 2 hours, introduces the group to the basic swing, chip and put, followed by a playful 18-hole putting contest on Linna Golf's St. Andrews putting course.
Price €90/h 1-2 persons, €20 additional person/hour.

Other services:

Accommodation and play
Take your time to prepare for the competition, play a training round and stay overnight at the pleasant Hotel Vanajanlinna

Sportness services - Combine business with sport
Sportness offers Linna Golf clients with new opportunities for combining well-being content with golf events, allowing golfers to adopt a more multi-faceted approach to training in the premium Sportness milieu.

10 x Green fee package €700
When organising an event at Linna Golf, you will have access to this pre-purchase.